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Details of the country:


Capital: Paris
Currency: Euro
Common Language: French
Documentation: National Identity card or Passport in force
Publich Health: European health insurance card
Credit cards: Visa, Mastercad y American Express
Business Hours: Usually  open between Monday and Saturday from 9:00  and 10:00pm, with a break for lunch; and close between19:00 and 20:00 pm. Many are open from Tuesday and Saturday (non open on bank holidays). Big shopping centers are open up to 22:00pm.
Sunday and holidays, shops are closed.



Being “Au pair” en France


Age: 18 -30 years old.
Single with no children.
Minimun knowledge of French and accredit it
Enjoy good health.
Essential experience taking care of children
Enroll in a French course for foreigners (the family registers the Au pair but the expenses are in charge of the Au Pair). The duration of the same can be of a quarter, or the complete year and be between 3 and 10 hours per week.
Have no criminal records
Work 5 hours/day, 30h/week as much
Free Days: 1-2 days per week (minimun one Sunday off per month).
When staying is over 6 months, the Au Pair will have 1 week free and also payed.
Pocket money: between 280-350€/month (depending of the hours).
Baby sitting: 1-2 noches a la semana.
Tasks: Take Care of the children and doing household related to them, for example: takes them to school, to the park, feed them, clean their rooms, plays with them and helps them with the language. Perform light work in the house and deals with his room. Also they may be asked to take care of the children 2 nights a week. 
The "Au Pair" pays its round trip and will be picked up by the host family at the airport (If there were any changes should notify so that there would be no problems).


Being host family in France


Have open minds. 
Integrate the "Au Pair" as one more in the family.
Report on the norms of coexistence of the House.
Support and Training to the "Au Pair" to improve their language skills, with the housekeeping rolls and with the care of children during the adaptation.
Availability of a separate bedroom for private use by the "Au Pair".
Right to full feed during your stay, totally free of charge. It is a member of the family and has the right to eat what we eat at home. If the family is going out for lunch, she or he has the right to use the kitchen and cook.
Will work a maximum of between 25-35 hours a week. 
Pocket money: between 280-350€/month (depending of the hours). Should pay her the proportional part weekly.
In the event that the family may require extra help they will compensate the au pair with a extra money or free time, as agreed upon with her. 
Provide weekly rest of 1 or 2 days, depending on the number of hours worked.
Give her time enough off to attend to a language School
Make sure the Au pair has the European Health Card  or any other
The au pair must ALWAYS be able to contact the au pair agency.
In case there would be problems of coexistence and a solution cannot be found, the agency shall be notified and will have 2 weeks to find a solution.

Important: the "Au Pairs” are not nannies nor employees at home, so that they should not be required full responsibility for the children or housekeeping.