Do you join us?

It is addressed to young students who wish to travel abroad in order to improve and/or to learn a foreign
language in a natural and non expensive way.

Be "Au Pair"

An “Au Pair” is a student, boy or girl, that wishes to learn a foreign language, living with a family in the chosen country , collaborating in the care of children and housekeeping. In exchange you receive lodging, meals and a small remuneration as “pocket money”. It is created for students who wish to travel abroad to learn and/or improve a foreign language, and so practice naturally living each and every day with the family. Even more, for young people the “Au Pair” system is a non expensive way to stay in the country of destination.

• General characteristics:

- A typical “Au Pair” stay has a duration from six months to one year, except for summer months when the stays are shorter.
- Accommodation (in an individual bedroom) and maintenance are free.
- Five hours a day is the maximum required to help in housekeeping as a member of the family.
- One day per week is fixed for private issues.

• Characteristics of the “Au Pair”:

"Au Pair” may vary depending on the chosen country, but they are usually the following:

- Between 18 and 30 years.
- Minimum knowledge of the local language.
- As refers to cigarette smoking, habits of the house must be respected.
- Driving license is appreciated.