About us

A specialized professionals team and committed to our clients.

Legal regulations

The “Au Pair program” is regulated by the Europe Council through the Agreement signed in Strasbourg on November 4th, 1969 on the Placement Au Pair" (BOE No. 214/1988 of September 6th of 1988). This Agreement was ratified by Belgium, Denmark, France, R. F. German, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway and Switzerland. Spain enters the 24th of June, 1988 (BOE nº214 September 6th of 1988).

•"The signing of this Agreement was the result of the following considerations:

- Perform a closer unity /closeness between the members of the EC with a view to promote social progress…..

- They constitute (make up, establish)a special category that is not the student nor the worker but that participates in both at once, and therefore, we need to provide appropriate provisions for these people…

They should receive special protection…

Important information 
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Our Philosophy

This program arises to give an answer to a historical necessity that now prevails, becoming more necessary and patent, as is the knowledge of foreign languages and other cultures.

Say that travel is to learn; that is why, in aupair&family we believe that the more practical and easier way to learn a language is traveling to the country where it is spoken.
Through aupair&family there is an opportunity for in addition to learning the language, to share the daily life of the inhabitants of the country and thus enjoy its history, art and gastronomy, living in a family originating in the country.
Collaboration between families and "Au Pairs" who want to provide their children a foreign language and a culture different to theirs make this program a successful, intercultural and enriching. That is why: 
Aupair&family puts at the disposal a wide range of possibilities adaptable to each particular situation for both families and "Au Pairs" to take full advantage of this connection between cultures that make will be an enriching experience, and always ensure the relationship between the two sides.


Our Values

• Aupair&family offers a specialized team of professionals in the selection of staff, more specifically in the field of "Au Pairs", devoting to each party the attention and empathy that you require.

Committed to our customers, we are trying to find the affinity between "Au Pairs" and families to obtain the greatest possible benefit. The existence of individual differences make the selection required of completeness and accuracy to ensure that both sides understand the good relationship.

Quality: aupair&family is not satisfied with just the inclusion of the "Au Pair" to the family. Our commitment is to keep a continuous supervising that guaranteed  the well being  program.

Flexibility, giving coverage that our customers need.

Guarantee, through a written contract between the parties, "Au Pair" and the family; so that in case that does not develop properly the stay, we commit ourselves to resolve the situation in the most beneficial manner.