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Because it is a very positive and enriching option for the education of your children.


Be a Host family

A Host family comes to an agreement with a foreign student, boy or girl, under an “Au Pair” system to welcome him in your home for a preestablished period. The “Au Pair” looks after your children and helps in simple housekeeping rolls.


- Be open minded.
- Have at least one child.
- Provide the “Au Pair” accommodation and maintenance.
- Treat them as members of the family.
- Be committed on the “Au Pair” integration within the family and helping  the “Au Pair” on learning the local language by facilitating their assistance to school of languages,…
- Weekly pay for their work as “pocket money”.
- He “Au Pair” has the right of one day and a half as resting time according to the working hours.
- Agree with the "Au Pair" tasks, expectations and scheduling.
- In case the "Au Pair" does not come from a European Union country, eventually ;the family may accepts to pay half of the monthly rate of a private health insurance.



  • Because of the relax of leaving the most valuable of the house, your kids with someone on whom you trust.

    Because it is a very costless option because, in addition to the personal care, you give to your children the opportunity to learn not only different language but also a different culture to theirs, ALWAYS in a friendly environment.

    Because they help with housekeeping.  In the case of children that study in bilingual or foreign schools it is ideal along the summer as well as along the term to have a support .Many parents cannot help them as they do not know foreign languages.