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Details of the country


Federal  Republic.
Capital: Viena.
Currency: Euro.
Common Language: German.
Documentation: National identity card or passport in force.
Public health: European health insurance card.
Credit cards: Visa, Mastercard and American Express.
Business Hours: The opening of shops is free. In generally open Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM to 6:30 pm and on Saturdays until the 12:00 PM, but some shops are open until 5:00 PM hours. In the big cities, shops are open on Saturday In the afternoon. Sundays and public holidays shops are closed.



Be "Au Pair" in Austria

Age: 18 - 27 years.
Single and with no children.
Minimum knowledge of the language.
Minimum stay should be from 6months.
Enjoy good health.
As refers to cigarette smoking, habits of the house must be respected (it is easier to find a family).
Have no criminal record.
They have not worked as "Au Pair" in Austria in the past five years.
Work: 20 hours per week.
It has one day per week to devote for personal affairs.
Pocket money: Around 60€/week.
Baby sitting: 1-2 nights per week.
Tasks: Takes care of children and does housekeeping related with them, for example: takes them to school, to the park, feeds them, cleans their rooms, plays with them and helps them with the language. Performs light work in the house and deals with his/her room.
The "Au Pair" pays its round trip and will be picked up by the host family at the airport.

Be host family in Austria


Be open minded.
Integrate the "Au Pair" as one more in the family.
Report on the norms of coexistence in the house.
Support and Training to the "Au Pair" to improve their language skills, with the household rolls and with the care of children during the adaptation.
Availability of a separate bedroom for private use of the "Au Pair".
Right to full feeding during your stay, totally free of charge. It does not mean that they have to make her or his food. It is a member of the family and has the right to eat what we eat at home. If the family eats out, has the right to make use of the kitchen and cook for her or himself.
Deliver pocket money from 60€ for 20 hours of work per week. In the event that the family may require extra help they will compensate the "Au Pair" with an extra money or free time, as agreed upon with him or her.
Provide weekly rest of 1day.
4 Weeks of paid vacation for a stay of 12 months.
Possibility to go to school of languages to improve the German. The family assumes the cost of this.
Medical insurance and accident insurance. However, if the "Au Pair" comes from the EU, will have a European health insurance card
Pay the "Au Pair" the monthly urban transport card.
The "Au Pair" must always be able to contact the agency.
In the case there are problems of coexistence and a solution cannot be found, the agency shall be notified and will have 2 weeks to find a solution.

Important: the "Au Pairs” are not nannies nor employees at home, so that they should not be asked for full responsibility for the children or housekeeping.